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July 21, 2024
Taapsee Pannu CLAIMS Co-Producers Of Dhak Dhak Abandoned The Film After Recovering Their Money: ‘I Was So Frustrated’

Taapsee Pannu CLAIMS Co-Producers Of Dhak Dhak Abandoned The Film After Recovering Their Money: ‘I Was So Frustrated’

Jul 8, 2024

Taapsee Pannu, who is known for her bold film choices, recently shared her journey as a producer for the film Dhak Dhak. Following her debut as a producer with the horror thriller Blurr in 2022, Pannu ventured into a larger project in 2023 with Dhak Dhak, directed by Tarun Dudeja.

Dhak Dhak is a unique road adventure drama featuring a stellar female cast including Ratna Pathak Shah, Dia Mirza, Fatima Sana Shaikh, and Sanjana Sanghi. 

Produced by Pannu’s Outsiders Films, along with BLM Pictures and Viacom18 Studios, the film aimed to bring strong female narratives to the forefront. Despite the buzz, Dhak Dhak, which hit screens in October 2023, struggled to attract a large audience.

Taapsee Pannu Says Dhak Dhak’s Failure At BO Was Heartbreaking

During a session of Expresso by The Indian Express, Pannu expressed her disappointment with the film’s performance and the challenges she faced. “It was very heartbreaking. I did not become a producer to have an alternate career. I was doing pretty well as an actor,” she said. Pannu emphasised that she wanted to produce films she wasn’t actively part of, with Dhak Dhak being a significant step in that direction.

Pannu highlighted the shift in market dynamics over the past two years. “There were certain commitments made at the time of signing the film, but it takes a lot of courage to stick to it even when the market changes,” she explained. She criticised the industry’s tendency to package big films with smaller ones for better sales, reducing the risk of recovery for smaller films.

Actress REVEALS About Lack Of Support From Co-Producers

Pannu suggested that the co-producers of Dhak Dhak didn’t fully support the film. She expressed frustration over the lack of investment in promotions and adequate theatrical releases. “If it’s not a big-budget film, studios recover the money before the film hits theatres. Now that they have made their money, they just make a token release. They don’t even want to spend on Prints and Advertising (P&A). Exhibitors feel that since it’s no mass masala movie, why spend on electricity and popcorn at all? So they give us odd shows, theatres etc. Then it’s abruptly removed in the middle of the week. At that time I was so frustrated… We started showing the film 4-5 days after the film’s trailer came out. People started coming to us saying they’ll help promote it. But I still didn’t have people standing next to me as producers and co-producers who said ‘We did as much as we could and leave the rest to the audience’. They instead said, ‘Why bother? It’s already made its money and now it will find its audience,” she stated. This approach, according to Pannu, resulted in the film receiving limited and inconvenient showtimes, eventually being pulled from theatres prematurely.

Pannu Praised Dia Mirza For The BIG Help & Expressed Joy Over Film’s Success On OTT

Pannu praised the dedication of the lead actresses, especially Dia Mirza, who went above and beyond to promote the film. “Dia stepped in and provided us with a space in her house for interviews with the ladies. She called over journalists to her place for the interviews. I was so proud to be a part of that film,” Pannu added.

Pannu took a stand to ensure Dhak Dhak received the attention it deserved. Her efforts paid off as the film managed to make “some noise” and garnered positive reviews. “Despite brilliant reviews, it was out of the theatres in one week. And then it came on OTT a day before or after The Archies was released. I was like, either my fate or the film’s is bad,” she lamented. However, Dhak Dhak surprised everyone by trending as the #1 film on Netflix for ten days, surpassing The Archies. This was finally a happy moment for Taapsee and the star cast of the film.

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