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July 15, 2024
Rockstar Re-Release: Ranbir Kapoor’s Film Grosses Rs 1.20 Crore In Its 5th Weekend; Surpasses 2011 Box Office Record

Rockstar Re-Release: Ranbir Kapoor’s Film Grosses Rs 1.20 Crore In Its 5th Weekend; Surpasses 2011 Box Office Record

Jun 18, 2024

Imtiaz Ali‘s Rockstar, featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri, has completed exactly a month in Indian cinemas for its re-release, proving to be an unstoppable force with increasing collections every week.

When originally released in 2011, Rockstar was a semi-hit in India, earning slightly under Rs 70 crores. Globally, it grossed a little under Rs 110 crores. Over time, the film acquired a cult status, and the love it’s receiving after 13 years of its release is proof to its enduring popularity.

The remarkable trend observed in theatres for its re-release is unprecedented for any modern film. It appears that the re-release of Rockstar has become an essential theatre-going event that every youth wants to experience.

Rock Star Re-Release Box Office Collection So Far

After earning Rs 1.25 crore in its third week, the film collected Rs 2.25 crore in its fourth week. Surprisingly, the fifth week seems to be the most successful yet, with collections already amounting to Rs 1.20 crores over the weekend.

The fifth-weekend collections of Rockstar (re-release) have surpassed what the Ranbir Kapoor film earned back in 2011 in its fifth week. In 2011, it earned Rs 25 lakh in its fifth week, while in 2024, it raked in Rs 1.20 crore over the weekend. The total collection of the Rockstar re-release in 31 days stands at Rs 5.80 crore.

Week Collection
Week 1 Rs 40 Lakh
Week 2 Rs 70 lakh
Week 3 Rs 1.25 crore
Week 4 Rs 2.25 crore
5th Weekend Rs 1.20 crore
Total Rs 5.80 crore


Understanding The Impact Of Inflation On Rockstar Re-Release Success

For those celebrating the success of Rockstar in its re-release compared to its original run, it’s essential to consider the impact of inflation.

Back in 2011, ticket prices were significantly lower, approximately one-third of today’s prices. Therefore, the Rs 1.2 crore collected in today’s time holds a similar value to Rs 25 lakh earned 13 years ago.

1.2 crore in today’s time ≈ 25 lakh 13 years ago

Understanding this context provides a more accurate perspective on the film’s financial performance over time.

About Rockstar

The story revolves around Janardhan, who dreams of becoming a famous rock star someday. He believes all rock stars share a common thread: a heart-wrenching heartbreak or tragedy.

In a bizarre effort to give his musical career a boost forward, he tries to make her fall out of love with him by dating Heer Kaur, the most attractive girl on college grounds. Little does Janardhan know this break-up will lead him into a self-destruction path. You can watch it now in theatres near you.

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