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July 15, 2024
Ramayana: Sunil Lahri Claims People Won’t Accept Ranbir Kapoor As Ram After Animal, Is NOT Convinced Of Sai Pallavi’s Look For Sita

Ramayana: Sunil Lahri Claims People Won’t Accept Ranbir Kapoor As Ram After Animal, Is NOT Convinced Of Sai Pallavi’s Look For Sita

Jun 18, 2024

The anticipation surrounding Nitesh Tiwari’s directorial Ramayana has been fervent, particularly concerning Ranbir Kapoor’s portrayal of Lord Rama and Sai Pallavi stepping into the role of Sita. 

Amidst this excitement, OG Lakshman Sunil Lahri from Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan has shared his perspective on this much-anticipated film.

Sunil Lahri DOUBTFUL Of Ranbir’s Acceptance As Ram, UNSURE Of Sai Pallavi’s Sita Aesthetic

Talking to Hindustan Times, Sunil Lahri voiced his thoughts on Ranbir Kapoor’s depiction of Lord Ram. While appreciating Kapoor’s appearance as Ram in the film, Lahri expressed his reservations about the audience’s acceptance of Kapoor in the iconic role, particularly after his recent portrayal in Animal.

“Ranbir Kapoor is a great actor, but it will be very difficult for people to see him in such an opposite role as Lord Ram, especially after doing something like Animal recently,” Lahri commented.

Regarding Sai Pallavi’s portrayal of Sita, Lahri admitted to not having seen any of her previous works. However, he noted that based on leaked images, he wasn’t entirely convinced about her aesthetic fit for the role.

“I don’t think Sai’s face has that perfection,” Lahri remarked, highlighting the traditional perception of Devis being extraordinary beauties.

Actor Isn’t HAPPY With Arun Govil’s Portrayal Of Dashrath In Ramayana

Lahri also expressed dissatisfaction with Arun Govil, who played Ram in the original Ramayan, now being cast as Dashrath in the remake. He stated that Govil is “crushing his own personality,” asserting that if he were offered a similar role, he would not have accepted it.

Reflecting on the recent film Adipurush, Lahri underscored the importance of maintaining the core essence of the story in remakes. He encouraged the production of a compelling retelling without compromising the fundamental elements that have made the tale enduring.

According to Lahri, while the story of Ramayana is straightforward, it is the presentation that makes the difference. He stressed that the remake should be both technically advanced and emotionally resonant to captivate audiences.

Starring Ranbir Kapoor, Sai Pallavi, Sunny Deol, Yash, Ravi Dubey, and more in pivotal roles, the film promises to offer a refreshing take on the classic tale, albeit with a fair share of scrutiny and anticipation.

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