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July 22, 2024
“I didn’t like you at all” – Vieira and Neville revisit that famous Arsenal-Man United rivalry

“I didn’t like you at all” – Vieira and Neville revisit that famous Arsenal-Man United rivalry

Jun 11, 2024

Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira made it clear he didn’t like Gary Neville at all during their days battling it out for glory in the Premier League.

Vieira captained Arsenal’s Invincibles in that highly successful era under Arsene Wenger, when they were the main challengers to the likes of Neville and Roy Keane at Manchester United.

While those games were often famous for the midfield battles between Vieira and Keane, it now seems clear that the former France international also really didn’t like former Man Utd right-back Neville, who would often play an aggressive style against the Gunners and kick their players.

See below as they revisit one major coming-together they had in the Highbury tunnel, with Vieira admitting he planned to confront Neville about this issue as he really didn’t like him at that time…

It’s amusing to see the likes of Vieira, Neville and Keane sitting around together now to reminisce about the rivalry, which was one of the most heated we’ve seen in recent football history.

While fans often relish derby matches and engage in a bit of rivalry from the stands, it’s not often we see two sets of players who genuinely seem to hate each other as much as those United and Arsenal sides!

The recent rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester City has been great to watch as the two sides contested a number of close title races and played great football whilst doing so, but it was a far friendlier fight for the most part, as there always seemed to be plenty of respect between the players, and between managers Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

Nothing could be further from the truth when United and Arsenal used to compete for the title every year, though it’s nice to see these big names put it behind them now and joke about it together years later.


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