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WATCH Jaane Jaan Trailer: Kareena Kapoor Promises Chills & Thrills In Sujoy Ghosh’s Upcoming Suspense Drama

WATCH Jaane Jaan Trailer: Kareena Kapoor Promises Chills & Thrills In Sujoy Ghosh’s Upcoming Suspense Drama

Sep 6, 2023

The trailer for Kareena Kapoor Khan’s streaming debut, ‘Jaane Jaan’ is finally out for the audiences, setting hearts aflutter and tongues wagging. Directed by the master of suspense, Sujoy Ghosh, this gripping thriller promises to be a rollercoaster ride through the misty hills of Kalimpong. The film is based on the best-selling mystery novel, ‘The Devotion of Suspect X’.

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What’s In Jaane Jaan Trailer Video?

The 2-minute 20-second Jaane Jaan Trailer shows Kareena Kapoor Khan as Maya D’Souza, a character trapped in the enigmatic web of an abusive relationship.

Living right next door is Naren, portrayed by the versatile Jaideep Ahlawat, who gives us a shiver down the spine as a potential creepy stalker. Vijay Varma plays Karan, the cop on a quest to find Maya’s missing husband, with whom he surprisingly forms a romantic connection.

The plot thickens in Jaane Jaan Trailer as old friends Karan and Naren rekindle their bond, with the latter harbouring a rather peculiar fascination for his ‘hot padosi.’ Against the backdrop, there’s a mysterious math teacher whose role in this thrilling puzzle remains tantalizingly unclear.

Watch Kareena Kapoor’s Jaane Jaan Trailer Here:

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Our Views On Jaane Jaan Trailer

The original novel told its tale through the eyes of a clinical math teacher aiding his neighbour in concealing her husband’s murder. ‘Jaane Jaan’ appears to shift the perspective onto its lead female character, Maya D’Souza. While the math teacher may have taken on a more sinister role as the potential murderer. But here’s the catch – nothing is crystal clear, and that’s what makes it all the more intriguing.

Sujoy Ghosh is celebrated for his thrillers like ‘Kahaani,’ which catapulted Vidya Balan to stardom, and Amitabh Bachchan-Taapsee Pannu starrer ‘Badla,’ is back in action after a hiatus. His foray into the world of Netflix with ‘Typewriter’ and his recent directorial stint in ‘Lust Stories 2’ proves that Ghosh’s penchant for suspense is as sharp as ever.

Kareena Kapoor Khan, fresh off her performance in ‘Laal Singh Chaddha,’ has already left her mark, even though the film didn’t strike gold at the box office. Meanwhile, Vijay Varma, who recently dazzled in Sujoy’s ‘Lust Stories 2’ segment, has had a bustling year, featuring in series like ‘Dhaakad’ and ‘Kaalkoot.’ Jaideep Ahlawat, known for his gripping portrayals, was last seen in ‘An Action Hero.’

Mark your calendars for a date with suspense, as ‘Jaane Jaan’ is set to unravel its secrets on September 21st, coinciding with Kareena Kapoor Khan’s birthday.

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