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Jawan: Writer Sumit Arora Wrote Shah Rukh Khan’s Dialogues Keeping In Mind His Mega STARDOM

Jawan: Writer Sumit Arora Wrote Shah Rukh Khan’s Dialogues Keeping In Mind His Mega STARDOM

Sep 5, 2023

Sumit Arora, the writer behind Shah Rukh Khan’s dialogues in Atlee’s upcoming movie ‘Jawan’, reveals the thrill of crafting lines that match the superstar’s charisma and charm.

The mastermind behind the words in Atlee’s much-anticipated Hindi debut, ‘Jawan’, is on cloud nine. With a string of hits in his portfolio, including streaming sensations like ‘Dahaad’ and ‘Guns & Gulaabs’, Arora is riding a wave of success.

When asked if ‘Jawan’ was his most challenging project, considering the massive expectations surrounding it, Arora responded with a smile & said to PTI, “It was the most enjoyable project.” He further elaborated, “You have to keep in mind that the lines will be delivered by Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, so you have to keep lines that will justify his stardom and stature, his personality and character.”

For Arora, working with Atlee, known for his Tamil blockbusters like ‘Mersal’ and ‘Bigil’, was a dream come true. He recalled their first meeting when there was no story but only the idea of collaborating. He praised Atlee’s knack for making ‘mass films’ and was delighted to be part of the journey.

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Jawan Writer Sumit Arora’s Journey In Bollywood

Arora’s journey to Bollywood was influenced by his early exposure to Hindi literature. Raised in Meerut, he developed a love for reading thanks to his mother, diving into literary magazines like ‘Hans’ and ‘Gyanodaya’.

By the age of 17 and 18, he was already a published columnist in Hindi newspapers, specializing in satire.

In 2006, Arora made the move to Mumbai with a dream of becoming a writer for Hindi films. He initially ventured into television, making a mark with shows like ‘Chhoona Hai Aasmaan’, ‘Dill Mill Gayye’, and ‘24’. His big break came with the 2018 horror-comedy ‘Stree’, a theatrical hit.

With the advent of the OTT era, Arora seized opportunities to further establish himself. Shows like ‘The Family Man’ and ‘Dahaad’ allowed him to showcase his literary influences. His attention to cultural nuances, like incorporating Rajasthani literary icon Vijaydan Detha’s works in ‘Dahaad’, has set him apart.

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Incorporating Poetry in Dialogues of Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan

Even in a high-octane action movie like ‘Jawan’, poetry finds its place. The song ‘Zinda Banda’ is introduced with a couplet from Wasim Barelvi, emphasizing the importance of standing up for one’s principles.

Recently, Arora lent his writing prowess to the Netflix series ‘Guns & Gulaabs’, set in the fictional town of Gulabganj. This gave him a chance to revisit his small-town roots and draw from his childhood memories.

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