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Full Speech Of Shah Rukh Khan At Jawan Pre Release Event, Signature Humour And Gratitude Of Superstar With Heart

Aug 31, 2023

The pre release event of Shah Rukh Khan‘s upcoming film Jawan, directed by Atlee, was a grand affair that took place at Sri Sai Ram Engineering College in Chennai today. The event was attended by the film’s cast and crew, including Atlee, Vijay Sethupathi, Priyamani, Sunil Grover, and Yogi Babu, as well as music composer Anirudh Ravichander. The event was also live-streamed on various platforms for the fans who could not make it to the venue.

Shah Rukh Khan’s FULL SPEECH at the Jawan pre release event

“First of all, I want to thank Sai Ram college and Mr Gopalan for making this happen. Actually, I’ve never attended a function like this in my life. Thank you all the college kids, boys and girls who’ve come from far and wide. Thank you to the talented, outstanding Tamil film industry.”

How Shah Rukh Fell In Love With Tamil Cinema

“Quickly, I’ll tell you how I started falling in love with the Tamil cinema. Very early, I learnt that the finest cinema comes from Tamil Nadu and I was very lucky to make two friends – Mr Mani Ratnam and Mr Santhosh Sivan. I came down here and shot Dil Se which was my first experience of a Tamil film. (hums Chaiya Chaiya) Then, I got to know the wonderful Mr Kamal Haasan and I worked with him in Hey Ram. That was the first and last time I ever spoke in Tamil. And the greatest of all was my friend who came over one night and did one shot for Ra. One – the great Rajinikanth sir. So I’ve got these 3-4 friends from this industry.”

Shah Rukh At His Humorous Best

“I’m assuming all of them who spoke here before me have only praised me so far, cos I could not understand. Except for Vijay Sethupathi, everybody praised me. He was talking about girls and all. Vijay sir, you can take revenge, but you can’t take my girls. That belongs to me, and Jaffer from now onwards.”

I spoke with Atlee sir and he told me, we have this young kid here (Anirudh) , can we do one song with him in the Tamil version and the Hindi version? I told him, we’ve to do all the songs with only Anirudh. I’m so grateful to him for all the hardwork.

Priya, I’ll thank you later. We will produce another child. I mean you and Atlee, not me.

Yogi Babu, thank you. I remember him from Chennai Express, he was so humble and so shy. I remember coming to market the film here. For one moment I thought everybody was screaming for me, but then I realized it was for Yogi Babu. You’re awesome sir.

VIRUVIRUPAANA @AntonyLRuben is working round the clock. He told me that he will have a haircut only after his work is over. You’ve to edit him in his speeches now, it’s not the film.

If I’ve to praise @Atlee_dir in Tamil, I’ve to say MARANA MASS. Thank you Atlee.

@dop_gkvishnu is a wonderful human being. He is working on the output. He is OLIMAYAMAANA Vishnu.

GAMBEERAMANA Muthuraj ji has spoken so highly of our VFX unit. Thank you so much ji.

ATTAGASAMANA Vijay Sethupathi. I met him in Melbourne, and then I met him in Nayanthara’s wedding. I cannot tell you how much I’ve learnt from you. I just want to tell everybody that I’ve learn from you, and I want to take those learnings to the audience.

Atlee and Priya came together, they are such a lovely couple. They got a new production while making #Jawan, their little baby. Inshallah, Jawan will do well on 7th September.

There’s a little baby who I think of like my own son. That’s Anirudh. He’s telling me that he will miss my calls, I hope he doesn’t graduate so much into Bollywood that he won’t take my calls. I’ll miss you my son. Anirudh is EN PAYYAN.

I thank all the wonderful girls and Sunil who’ve worked with me patiently in the film.

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Apart from the work, the Tamil industry has fed me so well. I’ve lost my six pack, I’ve to go and work out cos the food here is the nicest, bestest, chilliest.

AATTAM PODUM Shobi master made me dance like a mad man. I told him, I can’t dance like #Rajinikanth sir, I can’t dance like #ThalapathyVijay, I can’t even dance like Atlee. But he forced me to do it.

Nayanthara ji is not here, she wanted to come but she is stuck with Onam festivities. I call her, VASEEGARAMANA Nayanthara.

Love you all, see you on September 7.

Shah Rukh Khan In Never Seen DEADLIEST Avatar In Jawan Trailer, Expect The Unexpected

There is no charm in spoiling the fun for one of the biggest trailers of the year. And that is why we bring you EXCLUSIVE details from Jawan trailer only hours before the launch. 

Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in deadliest avatar in the film. Film talks about crime against women and children, not so well to do men taking their own lives and crimes full of blood. A messiah emerges to take revenge of all wrongdoings and fight between right versus wrong.

The penultimate dialogue and numerous looks of King Khan will blow the mind of audience. Big highlight of the film is Deepika Padukone and she might be showcased in interesting manner in trailer.

Watch this space for more EXCLUSIVE news on Jawan. Stay tuned with us for latest news, Hindi box office news, Hollywood news, OTT news, latest bollywood news and latest box office news.

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