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EXCLUSIVE: Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 Crosses 461 Cr After Drop On Monday, Heading For 53 Cr 3rd Week! All Time Blockbuster

EXCLUSIVE: Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 Crosses 461 Cr After Drop On Monday, Heading For 53 Cr 3rd Week! All Time Blockbuster

Aug 29, 2023

The much-awaited movie Gadar 2, starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel, released on August 11. Interestingly, it is clashing with OMG 2, featuring Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam, in the theaters. Both the films are sequels but both are contrasting in terms of genres.

Gadar 2 Scores 2nd Highest 1st Weekend Of The Year After Pathaan, Drops By 60% In Week Two

Going by advances, it was evident that film will take a massive start on day one all over. Film was super strong in central India, north and south. West Bengal and Punjab were little subdued and improved from day two onwards once the tsunami of craze took over. 

Gadar 2 crossed 40.10 cr net on day one. Film dropped by small margin in single screens but grew in national chains. Film collected 43.18 cr on day two which was fantastic after such massive day one.

Film scored historic say at box office on Sunday with 51.70 cr net figure all India with housefull boards all over which was jump of 20%. Film has crossed 135 cr over weekend and that is only second to Shah Rukh Khan starrer Pathaan

Gadar 2 scripted history with close to 38.70 cr net Monday that too on non holiday. For any film to score 50 cr on holiday is big deal and here film is doing that on non holiday that too after 3 huge days. Film scored highest Tuesday ever on Independence Day national holiday and crossed 55.40 cr net. Film scored highest day 6 ever on Wednesday with 33.50 cr net. Film dropped on Thursday and collected 23.28 cr net. Film had total of 284.63 cr after week one.

Film collected 20.50 cr on 2nd Friday with 12% drop. As expected, film jumped by 50% and collected 31.07 cr on 2nd Saturday. Film jumped big on 25% on 2nd Sunday and collected 38.90 cr. Film has crossed 82 cr net over 2nd weekend with only 40% drop from 1st weekend. Film scored highest 2nd Friday, 2nd Saturday and 2nd Sunday ever. Film held strongly on 2nd Monday and collected 13.50 cr net. Film added 12.10 cr net on 2nd Tuesday and 10.50 cr net on Wednesday. Film went into single digit for first time and collected 8.40 cr on 2nd Thursday. Film crossed huge 114 cr net in 2nd week with only 60% drop from 1st week.

Gadar 2 Is Certain To Cross 500 Cr Net Lifetime, Pathaan Lifetime Seems Just Little Difficult

Gadar 2 was expected to drop a bit on 3rd Friday and release of Dream Girl 2 will further dent it to some extent. Film collected 7.10 cr net on 3rd Friday and jumped big on 3rd Saturday by 90% with 13.75 cr net number. Film again jumped on Sunday and collected 16.10 cr. Film crossed 37 cr over 3rd weekend. Film collected 4.60 cr on 3rd Monday with 33% drop from Friday. Film is heading for 53 cr in 3rd week.

Film has total of 460.65 cr net after 18 days. Now film has chances to beat lifetime biz of Pathaan and emerge highest grosser ever as it has only Dreamgirl 2 in third week to compete. Film is almost certain to cross 500 cr net lifetime and it will be tough to cross 524 cr net of lifetime of Pathaan.

Following are the collections for the film:

Friday: 40.10 cr 

Saturday: 43.08 cr (7% jump) 

Sunday: 51.70 cr (20% jump) 

Monday: 38.70 cr (25% drop)

Tuesday: 55.40 cr (43% jump)

Wednesday: 32.37 cr (41% drop)

Thursday: 23.28 cr (28% drop) 

1st Week Total: 284.63 Cr Net 

2nd Week:

Friday: 20.50 cr (12% drop)

Saturday: 31.07 cr (51% jump)

Sunday: 38.90 cr (25% jump) 

Monday: 13.50 cr (66% drop)

Tuesday: 12.10 cr (11% drop) 

Wednesday: 10 cr (18% drop)

Thursday: 8.40 cr (16% drop)

2nd Week Total: 114.47 Cr Net (60% drop)

3rd Week:

Friday: 7.10 cr (17% drop) 

Saturday: 13.75 cr (90% jump)

Sunday: 16.10 cr (17% jump)

Monday: 4.60 cr (36% drop)

Total: 460.65 cr net

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Gadar 2 Is Only 2nd To Pathaan, Gadar 2 Vs Pathaan At Box Office

With out any iota of doubt, Gadar 2 is creating havoc at box office with historic occupancy in single screens all over. This might be the biggest surprise for trade and most of naysayer who didn’t give much chance to the film. Now only target for Gadar 2 to beat Pathaan at box office as it’s behind SRK starrer by 2% after 18 days of run.

Following is the comparison of Pathaan (only Hindi) Vs Gadar 2

Day 1: 55 cr / 40.10 cr 

Day 2: 68 cr / 43.08 cr 

Day 3: 38 cr / 51.70 cr

Day 4: 51.50 cr / 38.70 cr

Day 5: 58.50 cr / 55.40 cr

Day 6: 25.50 cr / 32.37 cr 

Day 7: 22 cr / 22.50 cr

Week 1: 328.50 cr / 283.85 cr (14% behind) 

2nd Week:

Day 8: 17.50 cr / 20.50 cr 

Day 9: 15 cr / 31.07 cr 

Day 10: 13.50 cr / 38.90 cr 

Day 11: 22.50 cr / 13.50 cr 

Day 12: 27.50 cr / 12.10 cr 

Day 13: 8.25 cr / 10 cr 

Day 14: 7.50 / 8.40 cr

Week 2: 111.75 cr / 114.47 cr (2% ahead)

3rd Week:

Day 15: 6.50 cr / 7.10 cr

Day 16: 5.75 cr / 13.75 cr 

Day 17: 5.75 cr / 16.10 cr

Day 18: 11 cr / 4.60 cr

Total: 469.25 cr / 460.65 cr (2% behind)

Lifetime Total: 524 cr net / –

Though one need to remember that Worldwide and overseas highest grosser record of Pathaan will be intact as Gadar 2 is dismal in overseas. 

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