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Netizens Troll Adipurush For New Reasons As Chandrayaan-3 Lands On Moon Successfully

Netizens Troll Adipurush For New Reasons As Chandrayaan-3 Lands On Moon Successfully

Aug 24, 2023

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has successfully landed the Chandrayaan-3 mission on the lunar surface, making India the fourth country to achieve this feat. The mission aims to explore the south pole of the moon and conduct various scientific experiments.

Prabhas’ Adipurush Gets Trolled For Higher Budget Than Chandrayaan-3

Immediately after the country started celebrating the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3, trolls took over social media to mock the recently released movie Adipurush, which was based on the Hindu epic Ramayana. The movie, directed by Om Raut and starring Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan, was flopped badly at box office and was accused of distorting the facts and glorifying the villain Ravana.

Adipurush which was initially budgeted at Rs 500 crore, increased its budget to 700 crore, due to VFX, making it one of the most expensive Indian films so far.

The users claimed that the budget of Chandrayaan-3 is less than the budget of Prabhas’ film, Adipurush. While Chandrayaan-3 managed to create a historic milestone, Adipurush, on the other hand, became an equally huge failure.

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Some of the tweets are below:

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