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From Actress to Director: Disha Patani’s Debut Project ‘Kyun Karu Fikar’ Teaser to Drop on THIS DATE!

From Actress to Director: Disha Patani’s Debut Project ‘Kyun Karu Fikar’ Teaser to Drop on THIS DATE!

Aug 14, 2023

Disha Patani, a popular Bollywood actress known for her charm, has captured our attention through various movies and dance performances. Now, with her upcoming music video titled ‘Kyun Karu Fikar,’ she’s stepping into a new role. This time, she’s not just acting, but also directing the video. What makes this music video special is that it marks Disha’s first attempt at directing.

Disha Patani Reveals Poster and Release Date Of Her New Music Video!

Disha Patani took to her social media accounts to unveil the poster of her upcoming music video. She shared If you let go of the things you can’t control, it will probably set you free ‘Kyun Karun Fikar’ Sharing a sneak peek to our special project on 16th August 2023 on #PlayDMF official YouTube channel

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In the poster, Disha Patani is captured in a carefree moment, finding delight in the gentle ocean waves by the seashore. She’s weared a denim shorts matched with a lively turquoise blue top. Once again, she’s managing to effortlessly embody a fantastic and appealing look, which has become characteristic of her style.

From tracks such as ‘Hui Malang’ and ‘Slow Motion’ to the catchy ‘Do You Love Me’, Disha Patani has consistently impressed us with her remarkable dance skills showcased in her songs. As for her latest venture, ‘Kyun Karu Fikar’, it breaks away as a standalone single. The poster alone emanates an electrifying international vibe that’s hard to ignore. The song appears to carry a carefree anthem essence, and we’re eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness the young actress exhibit her directorial flair through this video.

Disha’s Upcoming Projects

Talking about Disha’s upcoming films, she is set to appear alongside Siddharth Malhotra in the movie ‘Yodha’. Additionally, she will also be seen in projects like ‘Kanguva’ and ‘Suriya 42’. These roles promise to showcase Disha’s versatility as an actress and underline her presence in the upcoming cinematic landscape.

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