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EXCLUSIVE: Oppenheimer Becomes Highest Grosser Hollywood Film Of 2023 In India, 110 Cr India Net in 17 Days

EXCLUSIVE: Oppenheimer Becomes Highest Grosser Hollywood Film Of 2023 In India, 110 Cr India Net in 17 Days

Aug 8, 2023

Renowned filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s historical biographical drama, Oppenheimer, has generated immense excitement worldwide due to his unique ability to blend artistic brilliance with commercial success. The film’s release in India was eagerly awaited, and it did not disappoint. Achieving a double-digit opening on its first day, Oppenheimer surpassed expectations and emerged as the biggest Hollywood opening of the year in India. It continued its impressive run, crossing the ₹100 crore net mark on its 13th day at the box office, eventually earning ₹102.70 crore in India by its first 14 days of release.

Box Office Sensation: Oppenheimer’s Unprecedented Triumph

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, an R-rated docu-drama, is breaking global records with unprecedented success. The film is expected to reach a remarkable total of approximately 700 million in worldwide earnings. It has already amassed $412.44 million at the global box office, surpassing expectations. Despite facing tough competition from Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani and losing some screens, Oppenheimer’s performance on the 2nd weekend in India was exceptional, collecting Rs 19 crores nett. The film also achieved the impressive milestone of crossing the 100 crore mark on its 13th day of release.

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Oppenheimer’s Impressive 100 Crore Nett Collection in Just 13 Days

The film Oppenheimer made an impressive start at the box office, collecting a substantial 14.50 crore net on its opening day. It continued to perform well, with a good jump on the second day, raking in 17 crore net, followed by 16.75 crore net on Sunday. The film’s three-day total stood at 57.50 crore gross (48.25 crore net). As expected, the film experienced a drop on Monday, with collections of 6.75 crore net, marking a drop of 52%. However, it maintained a steady pace, adding 6.25 crore net on Tuesday, 5.75 crore net on Wednesday, and 5.25 crore net on Thursday. Film collected 72.75 cr net in week one in India

Oppenheimer demonstrated its resilience on the second Friday, maintaining a solid grip on the box office with a collection of 4.50 crore net, which was considered a favorable hold. The film witnessed a significant surge on the following Saturday, amassing 7.25 crore net, and continued its strong performance with 7.50 crore net on Sunday. Even on the subsequent weekdays, Oppenheimer continued to draw audiences, collecting 2.85 crore on Monday, 2.7 crore on Tuesday, 2.60 crore on Wednesday, and 2.40 crore on Thursday. With these impressive numbers, the film’s total collection reached 102.70 crore.

1st Week:

Friday: 14.50 cr

Saturday: 17 cr

Sunday: 16.75 cr

Monday: 6.75 cr

Tuesday: 6.25 cr

Wednesday: 5.75 cr

Thursday: 5.25 cr

1st Week Total: 72.25 Cr net

2nd Week

Friday: 4.50 cr

Saturday: 7.25 cr

Sunday: 7.50 cr

Monday: 2:85 cr

Tuesday: 2.7 cr

Wednesday: 2.60 cr

Thrusday: 2.40 cr

2nd Week Total: 30.45 Cr net

3rd Weekend: 7.50 cr

Total : 110.20 cr Nett

Total wroldwide collection

Total: $510 Million

About Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan takes on the roles of writer, co-producer, and director for Oppenheimer, a film inspired by the book American Prometheus focusing on the life of American physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, renowned for his involvement in the development of the first nuclear weapons. The stellar cast includes Cillian Murphy, Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., and Florence Pugh.

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