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Akshay Kumar Has A Full Length Role Alongside Pankaj Tripathi In OMG 2, Here Are The Details

Akshay Kumar Has A Full Length Role Alongside Pankaj Tripathi In OMG 2, Here Are The Details

Aug 7, 2023

Akshay Kumar has been doing over 4-5 films every year for years. Despite the setback from his previous films like Samrat Prithviraj and Raksha Bandhan, his decision to sign more films hasn’t changed. One of his most anticipated films is OMG 2 which was going through censorship troubles for a while. After this issue was resolved, the makers dropped its much-awaited trailer mere 10 days before the release date.

Now, there is another interesting update regarding this film that might excite all the fans. While the trailer and promos might give a glimpse that Akshay’s character as Lord Shiva’s messenger only has a supporting role, the truth is different. Akshay actually has a full-fledged role throughout the film on par with Pankaj Tripathi‘s and he shows up quickly in the first half.

Akshay Kumar Had No Body Language Expert On OMG 2 Set

Akshay is dressed like Lord Shiva throughout the film and he walks and talks in a certain way. In fact, he is actually the messenger of God. However, the actor did not take any help from body language experts and came up with his own mannerisms and body movements for the character. This is really interesting as actors tend to rely on experts on such specific things.

It was also recently revealed that the script of OMG 2 was finalized by Akshay Kumar when he was hospitalized in 2021 during the second wave. It happened when he was admitted to the hospital after suffering from a severe case of COVID-19 during the pandemic. While he was bedridden, Akshay was talking to the makers of OMG 2 via video calls. During that time, he finalized the final script.

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About OMG 2

After a long tussle with the censor board, OMG 2 was cleared with an Adult certificate and 27 modifications. The film is directed by Amit Rai and stars Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, Yami Gautam, and Arun Govil. The first installment, which was released in 2012, tackled the issue of fake godmen in India. The sequel touches upon the issue of sex education. OMG 2 is slated to release on 11 August and it will clash with Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2. The clash will be interesting to witness they are two very different films.

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