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After New Poster, Shah Rukh Khan Shares Exciting Clip From Jawan With One Month To Release

After New Poster, Shah Rukh Khan Shares Exciting Clip From Jawan With One Month To Release

Aug 7, 2023

Shah Rukh Khan, the beloved Bollywood superstar, has once again created a wave of excitement among his fans by sharing a long-awaited update about his upcoming film, Jawan. As mentioned earlier today in an exclusive article, SRK took to his Twitter handle to unveil a fresh poster and a captivating short clip from the Jawan prevue. This exciting reveal was accompanied by the start of a thrilling countdown, heightening the anticipation for the film’s release. As the excitement around the movie continues to build, SRK’s dedicated followers eagerly await the cinematic experience that awaits them. The countdown marks #1MonthToJawan, and fans can hardly contain their enthusiasm for witnessing SRK’s magic on the big screen once more.

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SRK Unveils Jawan Prevue Clip with Countdown Message!

The internet is abuzz with excitement as SRK’s dedicated fans can’t wait to witness his magic on the big screen once again. The new poster, coupled with the intriguing video clip, has sparked further curiosity about Jawan’s, leaving fans eagerly speculating about what the film has in store for them.

The caption shared by Shah Rukh Khan on the video clip post, “These too shall pass…. Tick… Tock…. #1MonthToJawan,” has ignited the excitement even more. With just one month left until the release of Jawan, fans are eagerly counting down the days for this much-anticipated cinematic experience.

Shah Rukh Khan Shares Electrifying New Posters; One Month To Jawan

Shah Rukh Khan unveiled the captivating and electrifying new one-month to go poster, creating a stir of excitement among his fanbase. The poster gives a glimpse into the intensity and allure of the film, leaving fans eager to delve into the world of Jawan. SRK shared the new posters with this caption
Main achha hoon ya bura hoon… 30 days to find out. Ready AH?

#Jawan releasing worldwide on 7th September 2023, in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu”

The entire Bollywood fraternity, along with fans, is eagerly waiting for the day when they can witness Jawan’s magic unfold on the big screen. With every update, SRK raises the bar of excitement and leaves fans yearning for more.

As the countdown to Jawan’s release continues, fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the moment when they can embark on this thrilling journey with Shah Rukh Khan. Until then, they are embracing the excitement and counting the days for the grand spectacle that awaits them at the movies.
Jawan releasing on 7 September wroldwide

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