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Gadar 2 Director Anil Sharma Says He Shot “Real Action Scenes” Without Any Visual Effects

Gadar 2 Director Anil Sharma Says He Shot “Real Action Scenes” Without Any Visual Effects

Aug 6, 2023

Sunny Deol delivered one of the biggest hits of the year 2001 with Gadar. Co-starring Ameesha Patel, the film follows the story of Tara Singh who falls in love with a Muslim woman during the 1947 India-Pakistan partition. The film was one of the highest grosser of that year. Now, the makers are coming up with its sequel titled Gadar 2, where both Sunny and Ameesha are reprising their roles.

Recently, the film’s director Anil Sharma talked about having real fight scenes instead of VFX-heavy sequences. He said, “I don’t consider it old-school action. It’s raw action. Look at some of Tom Cruise’s stunts in the Mission Impossible series or Nolan’s Oppenheimer, even in the US, artists are striving to keep things real and that’s what I wanted to do. During the making of Gadar: Ek Prem Katha, we meticulously choreographed real-life action scenes to deliver an authentic experience that was embraced by the audience.

He then talked about the sequel and said, With Gadar 2, we were committed to preserving that same level of authenticity. The film boasts of real action scenes and not just VFX. Our goal was to revisit the golden era of Indian cinema and uphold the film’s legacy.”

Gadar 2 Has Impressive Advance Booking

The advance booking of Gadar 2 started recently and it has been really impressive. Over 30,000 tickets were sold in national chains as of Thursday, that too almost a week before the release. According to experts, it is expected to gross around 23-25 cr net on its opening day and should be 2nd best opening of the year behind Shah Rukh Khan’s blockbuster action thriller Pathaan. So far, the buzz has been really positive around the film.

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About Gadar 2

Gadar 2 is directed by Anil Sharma who also directed the highly successful first installment. It marks a reunion of Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel once again on the big screen. This time, Tara Singh goes to Pakistan to bring his son in 1971. The film, which also stars Utkarsh Sharma, is scheduled to release theatrically on August 11th. It will clash at the ticket window with Akshay Kumar and Pankaj Tripathi’s OMG 2.

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