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Premier League have 11 teams in the top 20 of Deloitte’s Money League

Premier League have 11 teams in the top 20 of Deloitte’s Money League

Jul 26, 2023

It’s often been remarked that the Premier League is the best product in the world, and the recently released figures for the 2021/22 Deloitte’s Money League would appear to support that theory.

The table takes into account match day, TV and commercial revenue, and with 11 teams in the top 20 – and 16 in the top 30, the English top-flight is clearly flexing its financial muscle.

It’s actually the first time that one league has contributed more than half of the teams in what is a global revenue ranking.

Prepared by Swiss Ramble, Real Madrid are the only non-Premier League side in the top four, with Man City – perhaps unsurprisingly – topping the table, followed by Los Blancos and with Liverpool and Man United bringing up third and fourth place.

The next group of three clubs are all teams from the continent in PSG, Bayern Munich and Barcelona, before three London rivals – Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal make up the top 10 and split four more from European football: Juventus, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Inter.

It’s worth putting the strength of the Premier League in perspective.

Spain only managed to have five clubs in this list with Germany and Italy only contributing three each.

If the continent’s biggest leagues want to be able to compete or overtake the Premier League in this particular regard, then they clearly have a lot of work to do in the way in which they market themselves and, as a result, generate revenue.


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